I recently was able to get a copy of the 1884 Gatesville Sun and hope to find some things
 of interest to you.  I have more pages to transcribe and will add them as I get them done.

                                 THE GATESVILLE SUN
Subscribe 1 year $2.00		ANNOUNCEMENTS			     Gatesville's Opportunity
       6 months   1.00	     Fees for annoncing candidates:	     The forthcoming district 	
Cash in Advance              Legislative and other district          conference of the Methodist
			    $15, County offices $7.50, Precinct      Church that is to be convened
			    offices $3. Invariably in advance.       here next week will afford 
								     Gatesville a fine opportunity 
								     to make a reputating(sic) in
								     the adjoining counties.

       DIRECTORY                                             ANNOUNCEMENTS
District Court                                 __________________________________________________
Meets first Mondays in June and December       		Fees for announcing candidates: Legislative
T. N. Nugent, Judge					and other district offices $15; county
C.K.Bell, Prosecuting Attorney 				offices $7.50; Precinct offices   $3.
F.R.Johnson, Clerk					invariably in advance.
____________________________________________	___________________________________________________		
							    For State Senate
COUNTY PROBATE COURT					We are authorized to announce Capt.F.D.
Meets first Monday in Jan.,March, May			WILKES, of Lampasas, as a candidate for 
July, September and November.				state senator from this district, subject
_____________________________________________		to the Cemocratic convention.
County Commissioners' Court				
Meets 2nd Monday in February,May,			We are authorized to announce C.K.BELL of 
August and November.					Hamilton, as a candidate for state Senator
____________________________________________		of this district.
F. W. Fauntleroy, Judge County Court			We are authorized to announce H.E.BRADFORD,
R.B.Wells, Clerk					of Belton, as a candidate for State Senator 
J.W.Burkhead, Deputy					from this district. 
James M. Lanham, Sheriff				
J.C.Montgomery   }					        For Representative
H.A.Adams        }Deputies				We are authorized to announce J.P.KEY as a
G.H.Carden, Collector					candidate for Representative in the 19th 
Mark Hood    }Deputy					General Assembly from the 63rd district 
W.B.Fakes, Prosecuting  Attorney			composed of Coryell and Hamilton Counties.
J.R.Saunders, County Treasurer
H.S.Perryman, County Assessor				We are authorized to announce SAMUEL F.DUFFIE
P.C.West, Deputy					as a candidate for representative in the
R.P.Wilson, Surveyor					19th General Assembly from the 63rd district
A.W.Long, Cattle and hide inspector			composed of Coryell and Hamilton Counties.
MUNICIPAL OFFICERS					We are authorized to announce that H.A.WALKER
H. N. Atkinson, Mayor					is a candidate from this legislative district 
C.P.White, City Attorney				in the next General Assembly.
John W. Boyd, City Marshal
J.C.Chrisman, Assessor and Collector			                FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY
Y.S.Jenkins, Treasurer					GEORGE P. MILLER is a candidate for District 
C.E.Oakes, Secretary					Attorney for the district composed of by Coryell
S.Fields, Engineer					and Hamilton, Erath, Somervell, Hood and Palo 
Sam Gregg, Alderman					Pinto counties.
Benj. Worley     "
F.M.Gardner      "					              FOR DISTRICT CLERK
John Fellrath    "					We are authorized to announce FELIX R. JOHNSON
_______________________________________________		as a candidate for the re-election to the office
JUSTICES' COURTS					of Clerk of the District Court.
PRECINCT No.1.Meets last Monday in each month
in Gatesville, Texas  W.B.Hedgpeth.J.P.;		C.J.CARNAHAN is a candidate for the office of 
S.A.Peeler, Constable					Districk Clerk of Coryell County.
PRECINCT NO.2.Meets first Saturday in each
month at Simpsonville.J.L.Montgomery, J.P.;			    FOR COUNTY JUDGE
D.M.Gideon, Constable					FREDERICK W. FAUNTLEROY is a candidate for re-
PRECINCT NO.3.Meets 3rd Monday in each 			election to the office of County Judge.
month at Bee House school house. R.D.
Riley; J.P. Pope Wills, Constable			            FOR COUNTY CLERK
PRECINCT NO.4. Meets 3rd Saturday in each		W.L.SAUNDERS is a candidate for the office of
month at Copperas Cove.L.B.Anderson, J.P.;		clerk of the county Court.
James Thompson, Constable.
PRECINCT NO.5.Meets 4th Saturday in each		R.B.WELLS, present incumbent, is a candidate
month C.M.King,J.P.; Wm.Reed, Constable.		for the office of County Clerk.
PRECINCT NO.6 Meets the 1st Friday in each
month at Eagle Springs. R.Muirhead, J.P.;			       FOR ASSESSOR
J.D.Henderson, Constable.				We are authorized to announce the name of 
PRECINCT NO.7.Meets 2nd Saturday in each		J. B. BURKETT as candidate for Assessor.
month at Osage. J.Y.Riddle, J.P.;
Wm.H.Earp, Constable.					We ar eaughorized to announce the name of
PRECINCT NO.8.Meets 2nd Monday in each month		M.R.HOOD as candidate for Assessor.
at Turnersville and Jonesboro, alternately.
R.E.Gaston,J.P.; F.R.Gouldy, Constable			H.S.PERRYMAN, present incumbent, is a candidate
_______________________________________________		for re-election to the office of Assessor of Coryell
                 The Mails				County.
The mails arrive and leave Gatesville as follows:
Hamilton, via Jonesboro, daily except Sunday;				FOR TAX COLLECTOR
							GAINES B.CARDEN, present incumbent, is a candidate
leaves 7 a.m., arrives 6 p.m.				for re-election to the office of Tax Collector
Crawford, via Coryell City and Osage tri-weekly;	of Coryell County.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, arrives at noon 
and leaves at one p.m.					W.F.GLASS is a candidate for the office of Tax
Meridian via Turnersville, tri-weekly; arrives		Collector of Coryell County.
8 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays leaves at 
6 a.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.			      FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR
Langfords Cove via Permelia , twice a week; arrives 	We are authorized to announce that F.M.LONG is
Mondays and Fridays at 7 p.m. and leaves Tuesdays	a candidate for County Surveyor.
and Saturdays at 7 a.m.
Copperas Cove, via Pidcoke Ranch twice a week:		CHRIS L. GRAVES is a candidate for the office of 
Mondays and Saturdays, arrives at noon and leaves 	County Surveyor.
at 1 p.m.
King, twice a week,Tuesdays and Fridays, arrives		     FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER
at noon and leaves at 1 p.m.				HARTLEY B. PIDCOKE is a candidate for re-election
Sugar Loaf supplied from Belton every Saturday.		to the office of County Commissioner.
All other points, daily by Texas and St.Louis 
railroad; arrives 11:50 a.m. and leaves 3:30 p.m.		        FOR COUNTY SHERIFF
Mails close at 2:30.					JAMES M. LANHAM is a candidate for re-election to
General Delivery, open daily, except Sunday from	the office of Sheriff of Coryell County.
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sunday one hour after arrival 
of mail.      B.Moore, Post Master				 FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE
________________________________________________	ROBERT W. MARTIN is a candidate for Justice of the 
                 CHURCHES				Peace for Precinct # 1, Coryell County.
Baptist--Rev. P.B.Chandler, pastor. Services 1st
2nd and 3rd Sunday in each month at 11 O'clock a.m.	J.S.CLOWER is a candidate for Justice of the Peace
and 8 p.m.; also Saturday before the first Sunday	for precinct # 1.
at 11 o'clock. Sunday school at 9 a.m., Y.S.Jenkins,
Superintendant.  					P.S.WOODWARD is a candidate for Justice of the Peace
Methodist E.South--Rev.Thomas Stanford, pastor.		for Precinct # 1.
Presbyterian--Rev.R.H.Castleman. pastor. Services
4th Sunday in each month, at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.			        FOR CONSTABLE
____________________________________________________	JAMES S. GLENN is a candidate for Constable of
            Masonic					Precinct # 1.
Gatesville Lodge No.197--Meets Saturday evening, on or
before full moon.J.R.Raby, W.M.; Y.S.Jenkins, Sec'y.	E.A.CRAWFORD is candidate for Constable of in
R.A.Chapter No 84--Meets in Masonic Hall, Saturday	Precinct # 1.
evening after the full moon. J.R.Saunders, H.P.;
R.B.Wells, Sec'y.					         THE WOOL GROWERS
_____________________________________________________	This association met last Saturday at the Court 
           Knights of Honor				House. The attendance was good and much interest
Gatesville Lodge No 2974--Meets first and third		was manifested. The following comprises the routine
Tuesday evenings in each month.M.M.Dickson, D.		work: The committee on constitutional and by-laws
W.G.Allen, R.						asked and were granted more time to report. Lee
_____________________________________________________	Rubarth, W.E.Kinsolving and A.S.Bebout were appointed
							a committee to investigate the scab law and report at
							the next meeting. The day for the regular meeting was
                                                        on the Saturday after the first full moon in each month.

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