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Anderson D. ARROWOOD 1825-1873 Ben Ware
Enoch Robert ASHBY 1790-1877 Sue Ashby
Joseph Newton BEASLEY 1833-1916 Frances Willess
William BOYLES 1824-? Kathy Burrow
Barry Irvin BRAY 1828-1919 Lena West
Allen CARRIGAN 1833-1882 Donna Schulte Loth
Richard F. CASEY 1832-1863 Claudia Pugh
Richard Monroe CASEY 1863-1930 Claudia Pugh
Joseph W. COX 1843-1910 Ann Wise
Jessey CUMMINS 1827- ? Wes Cummins
James Lafayette EVANS 1846-1928 Patti Whigham Finney
Isaac R. DISHOUNGH 1841- Mary Lou Wardlaw
Lovick Sherrod DUKE 1840-1899 J. F. Duke
Jorial FARRAR 1840-1880 Bobbie Ross
James Nelson FARRIS 1827-1864 Bobbie Ross
William Nelson FARRIS 1864-1932 Bobbie Ross
Robert Wallace GRAY 1852-1950 Donna Schulte Loth
Alvin Hewitt GREGORY 1845-1930 Linda Rattan Knowles
Umberton Judson GREGORY 1873-1912 Linda Rattan Knowles
Burwell HOOD 1817-1899 Linda Rattan Knowles
John Wesley KING 1814-1884 Lena West
John Wesley KING 1814-1884 Lena West
Robert F. LIVERETT 1805-1893 Darrell McGraw
Steve Darden MEYER 1859-1900 Linda Rattan Knowles
Benjamin Franklin MILLER 1844-1929 Linda Rattan Knowles
Archibald Garrison McKINNEY 1846-1896/98 Rebecca Colston
John L. McKELVAIN 1830-1903 R. McLellan
Abner MINNIX 1798-1855 Marla Westfall
Charles Nathaniel MINNIX 1750-1815 Marla Westfall
Charles Nathaniel MINNIX 1826-1931 Marla Westfall
William Henry MINNIX 1846-1909 Marla Westfall
William Henry MINNIX 2nd family 1846-1909 Marla Westfall
Roy Mitchell PHILLIPS 1892-1985 Sylvia Jackson
Clark C. RATTAN 1842-1929 Linda Rattan Knowles
Andrew Jackson ROBERTS 1856-1925 Kathy Burrow
Travis ROBERTS 1837-1903 Kathy Burrow
David Alexander ROSS 1830-1862 Bobbie Ross
Thomas ROSS 1804-1870 Bobbie Ross
Duncan J. SMITH 1791-1865 Bobbie Ross
James Blooming SUTTON 1845-? Patti Whigham Finney
Lysander W. WALKER 1822-1860 William A. Bateman
Lysander W. WALKER 1864-1890 William A. Bateman
James Barnett WHIGHAM 1832-1902 Patti Whigham Finney
Howard WILLIAMS - Lena West
Stephen WILLIAMSON 1791-1863 Sherry Lawrence
Gilbert Mayes WISE 1865-1911 Ann Wise
W. A. WOOD 1854-1930 Martha Mason

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