1892 Gazetteer for Coryell County
Gatesville, a flourishing village on the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, in Coryell county, of which it is the judicial seat, 45 miles south-west of Waco, and 125 north of Austin. It has four churches, a public school, a House of Correction and Reformatory (a State institution), 2 banks, an opera hall, a flour mill, a cotton gin and two weekly newspapers, the GATESVILLE STAR and the POST. Ships cotton, grain and live stock. Population 2,000. Telegraph, W.U. Express, Pacific. Clarence L. Bush, postmaster. Allen, James W. livery Anold, Jasper H. County Attorney; Real Estate & Collections Atkinson House, R.J. Boyer propr. Bailey, Lee M., barber Bailey & Co., (Albert S. and Evander A. Bailey), news agents Baines, George M. Lawyer, Real Estate, Collection Agent, Notary Public Bateman, C.M., saloon Bennett, Hardin D., propr. Farmers' Home Blair, Wm. J., photographer Blair & Cravens (m. J. Blair, Thomas Cravens), publrs POST Bobo, Edward, dry goods Borders, J.V., Assessor Boyd, Rev., (Methodist) Boyer, Robert J., propr. Atkinson House Brinkman, F. & Co., (Frank Brinkman, W.C.Martin) grocers Brown, John M., cotton gin Brown, Wm. E., physician Brown & Newland (Robert Brown, Benjamin Newland) cotton gin Bryan, Thomas F., lawyer Buckley & Barton (M.B.Buckley, Joseph C. Barton) dry goods Bush, Clarence L., postmaster Cameron, Wm. & Co., W.B.Sedwick agt. lumber Carden & Lanham (Gaines B. Carden, James M. Lanham) farm implements Carsey, Miston P. , shoemaker Castleman, Rev. R.H. (Cumb Presbyterian) Chrisman, J. C., Agent Alamo Fire Insurance Co. of SanAntonio Christman, John Q., grocer Colgin, W.M. & Co. (W.M. Colgin) dry goods Cornelius, Mrs. C.R., music teacher Cox, J. P., county commissuioner Crawford, Miss Alice, Music teacher Crow & Anderson (Luther P.Crow, Edward J. Anderson), furniture Cumby & Chrisman(Robert H. Cumby, Joseph C. Chrisman) real estate Davis, F.A. & Co. (Frank A. and James R. Davis) notions Dickie, JohR. grocer Doherty, John P. , principal public school Duffie M.S. lawyer and real estate Duffie. S. F., county judge Earp, J. Hiram, physician Edwards, Henry D. farm implements Farmer's Home, Hardin D. Bennett propr. Fauntleroy, J.B., public weigher First National Bank (capital, $100,000). F.M. Gardner, pres. Alfred R. Willaims, cash. Forman, Frank, dentist Gardner & Ayers (Francis M. Gardner, Wm. L. Ayers) general store Garrett, Brack & Co. (Brack Garrett) gents' furnishings Gatesville Hotel, John J. Stovall propr. Gatesville Post, Blair & Cravens publrs. Gatesville Star, J.E. McLendon editor Gilder, Dr. Uriah M., druggist Hall, J. Leon, saloon Hammack, J. W., sheriff Hammack, W.W., county clerk Harris, J. A. cotton gin Harvey, Wm. W., barber Hedgepeth, W. B., collector of taxes Hood, M. R., district clerk House of Correction and Reformatory of Texas, J.B.McGuire, supt. Hurd, M.R., clerk district court Jeanes, B. H., barber Jenkins, Young S., county treasurer Jenkins, Y.S. & Co. (Young S. Jenkins, Anderson D. Honeycut) drugs Johnson, George T., carpenter Jones, Llewellyn, physician King, James R., druggist Lewis Bros (Clarence w. and Irvin D.) hardware Long, F. Marian, county surveyor McAfee, Douglas M. grocer McClellan & Wells (J.RlMcClellan, O.F.Wells) Collection Agents McDowell, Miller, & Hawkins (Edmond A. McDowell, Owens Miller, Samuel B. Hawkins) lawyers McGuire, J B. supt House of Correction, 3 miles n. McLendon, John E., editor star Martin, Mrs. B.W., milliner Martin & Fauntleroy (Robert W. Martin, R.B.Fauntleroy) Collection Agents Massengale, Edward D., blacksmith Matthews, Charles D. saloon Matthews & French, (Charles D. Matthews, Napoleon B. French) saloon Moore, George T. harnessmaker Oakes, Wm. E. physician Parks, W. R. Co (Wm. R. Parks, Frank M. Gardner) harness makers Partridge, M. F., county attorney Pittman, George W. jeweler Potts, Robert O. grocer Quesenbury, T. C., constable Raby, James Rl, physician Ransley, John, confectioner Rose, Wm M., saloon Sassee & Powell ( Henry Sasse; Robert E. Powell) farm implements Saunders, J.R. & Co. (James R. Saunders), James W. Saunders, cashier, bankers. Saunders' Opera House, James R. Saunders propr. Saunders, W.L. & Co. (Wm. L. and James W. Saunders) hardware Schley Bros. (John and Wm. A.) general store Scott, Blair & Suggs (S.S.Scott, Wm. J. Blair, Robert L. Suggs) grocers Seale, Rev. N.A. (Baptist) Sherrill, James W., grocer Simpson, M., justice Smith, Marcus d., Contractor and builder Stovall, John J., hotel & grocer Tillman, Edward F., R.R. and telegraph agent Tucker, Samuel H., blacksmith Turpin & Cohagen (Theodore W. Turpin, Thomas N. Cohagen) blacksmiths Vardiman, Wood & Taylor (J.J.Vardiman, C.B.Wood, J.C.Taylor) lawyers Walker, J. Eliot, lawyer Wandel, John J., jeweler Washburn. R. H., jeweler Wells & Stone (O.F.Wells, Benjamin M. Stone) meats White, C. Parker, mayor Williams & Thompson (Wm.Williams, frank A. Thomson) grocers Woodward, Philip S., justice of peace Wooten, John J., Agt. Pacific Express Co. Worley, Benjamin, flour mill and gin
Village businesses and proprietors
BEE HOUSE: 23 miles southwest of Gatesville, population 33, mail tri-weekly J.L.Price, post master Gardner, T.A., corn mill Huff & Price, general store McHorse, M., corn mill and gin BOAZ:16 miles south of Gatesville, 10 miles from Killeen, population 20. Mail semi-weekly, A. L. Hopson, post master Beckham, Rev. L.L. (Baptist) Brister, G.W., blacksmith Grimes, L., coton gin Hopson, A.L., grocer McLeod, J.P., mill & gin COPPERAS COVE:On G.C.&S.Fe Railoway 26 miles s of Gatesville, 18 1/4 miles east of Lampassas, 28 miles from Belton and 110 from Austin. Population 200. Telegraph, Western Union, Express W.F. & Co. Eli R. Goodson, postmaster Alexander, S.W., county commissioner Arnold, H.S., general store Bashaw, W.J., carpenter Bennett, G.C., land agent & notary Carpenter, F.T., carpenter Clements, J.S. & Bro., general store Cullon, H.E., drugs Edwards, Rev. S.M. (Baptist) Gault, J. W., constable Goodson, Eli R. & Bro., lumber GotcherBros., blacksamiths Gotcher, G.W., physician Mccowen, J.P., flour mill and gin McWherry, J. F., barber & grocer Neal, Rev. John F. (Methodist) Roberts, W.C., justice of the peace Ross, W. B., physician Shause, Rev. S.M. (Campbellite) Slaughter & Hudson, blacksmiths Whitsitt, T.A., general store CORYELL, 12 miles ne of Gatesville, same distance from Crawford. Population, 140. Stages to Crawford daily and Gatesville tri-weekly. Mail daily, S.A.Andrews post master Anderson, J.W., barber Andrews, S.A., drugs Bellamy, A.J., carpenter Castleman, Rev. R.H. (Presbyterian) Crow, C.J. physician Dean, Rev. F.T.(Baptist) Dietz, Mrs. Lottie, hotel Franks, J.F., meats Franks & Leonard, grocers McKeown, Rev. W.M. (Methodist) Perkins, A.T., physician Saddler, M.W., hotel Saddler & Rees, general store Swift, W.J., blacksmith Waller, J. R., carpenter Warren, T.A., woodworker Woods, R., shoemaker EAGLE SPRINGS: 18 miles se of Gatesville, 8 from McGregor. Population, 100. Mail, daily, John W.Cook postmaster Cook, John, grocer Cook, Dr.J.W., druggist Dorsey, B.W., caropenter Dunevant, Isaac, carpenter Howard, Dr. A.J., druggist Morrison, John H., corn mill & gin Morrison, F.W.& Bro., blacksmiths Ross,F.G., justice Torbett, J.S., music teacher EVANT: 25 miles west of Gatesville. Population 120. Mail tri- weekly. R.M. Hill, post master Barrett, W.W., grist mill & gin Brooks, El, justice Green, B., constable Heath Bros., cotton gin and grist mil Hill, R.M., general store Hill, R.W., hotel Kirklin, T.W., druggist Love, R.D., physician Manness, J.W., blacksmith Sawyer, T.R. & T.A., general store Warren, R.W., livery & feed Winn, physician Wurtz, A. general store HURST 19 miles ne of Gatesville, 14 miles from Clifton. Population 100. Mail daily, P.R.Hobin post master Heaty, R.D., corn mill & gin Hill, J.N. & Bro., general store Hobin, P.R. general store Mayfield, R.M. drugs Simpson, R.H., physician Tubbs & James, blacksmith IZORO: 24 miles se of gatesville 19 ne of Lampassas, population 6. Mail tri-weekly. Thomas J. Upton, postmaster Littlefield, J. A. justice Uptin, Thomas J., farmer JONESBORO: 18 miles nw of Gatesville. Stages daily to Hamilton and Gatesville; fare 10 cents per mile. Population 700. Mail daily, J.B.Wallis, post master. Beaver & Bly, livery Bly & McKowan, saloon Conley, J.H., general store Hamilton, T.J., corn mill & gin Harbison & Bartlett, blacksmiths & hardware Hibits & Lawrence, druggists Jones Bros, grocers Jones & Short, physician & druggists Langdon, W.Hl, general store Overton, Lawrence, barber Pope, R.J., physician Riden & Buckels, billiard hall Sauler, Wm., furniture & hardware Smalley, B.J., physician Strickney, J. H., deputy sheriff Wallis & Overton, general store Woodall, J. L., shoemaker Woodall, W.H., blacksmith KING: 13 miles sw of Gatesville. Population, 100. Mail, tri-weekly. B.M.McCleskey, postmaster Bailey, Dr. Ralph, drugs Culp, JOe S., general store Kenchings, Rev. J.B. (Baptist) McCleskey, L., blacksmith McCleskey & NOble, general store Morris, W.L. mill & gin Rodgers, R. saw mill LEON JUNCTION: on St. L.S.W.Railway, 12 miles se of Gatesville. Population 25. Express, Pacific, Mail, daily Brock, S.P., general store Davis. N., general store Laughlin, J.G., justice McGee, J.H., saloon Taylor, M.A., blacksmith Whittenberg, P.L., general store LEVITA: 8 1/2 miles nw of Gatesville. Population 80. Mail, tri- weekly James Coleman, post master Brown, James, physician Chambe, J.D. blacksmith Coleman, C.B., grocer Coleman, James, shoemaker Davis, Jefferson, constable Gilbert, A.M., livestock Jones & Woods, mill & gin Miles, Walter, blacksmith Nash, R.T., physician MOUND: 10 miles se of Gatesville. Population, 13. Express, Pacific, Mail, daily. H.C.White, post master King, C.M. flour mill & gin White, H.C., general store OGLESBY: on the St. L.S.W.Railway, 18 miles e of Gatesville 7 from McGregor. Population 80. Express, Pacific. Mail daily, M.C. Hill post master. Boone, D.R., general store Culpepper, E.A., constable Franklin, C., blacksmith Hitt, M.B., railroad express and Telegraph agent Hitt & Norton, cotton gin Lawrence, John E., drugs Magown, Maggie, school teacher Norton, Rev. JW.(Baptist) Norton, W.C., hotel and notary Paine, S.C., blacksmith Rape & Jordan, physicians Ross, T.G., justice OSAGE: 13 miles ne of Gatesville and 8 west of Crawford. Stages daily to Crawford and Coryell. Population 72. A.S.Fouts, post master. Armstron, M. physician Baird, A.J., physician Baird & Riley, mill & gin Bennett, J.B., constable Brown, Thomas, general store Campbell, T.J., blacksmith Edwards, R.E. justice Fouts, A.S., general store & live stock Fouts, J.J.P., general store Paschal, J.S., physician Reeves & Brown, general store Wright, John W., drugs PEARL: 20 miles west of Gatesville. Population, 125. Mail stage to Gatesville tri-weekly, fare $1. E.P.Davenport, post master Beavers, L. Justice Conner, John, gin Davenport, E.P. & Co., general store Harrison, J.H., bee gum factory Pace, T.F., constable Warren, John, corn mill Wright, Rae, blacksmith PECAN GROVE: 10 miles se of Gatesville and 4 from Mound. Population 200. Mail, daily, J.B.Shows, post master Beaty, J.W., physician Cavett, S.W., livestock Davidson, J.C., livestock Jeffries, J.W., physician King, C.M., cotton gin Martin, F.M., grist mill & gin Martin, S.W., blacksmith Prewett, J. T., livestock Robinson, J. T. teacher Shows, J. B. general store & notary Straw, H. F. flour mill Vandiver, C.G., flour mill & cotton gin PIDCOCK RANCH (PIDCOKE) 15 miles sw of Gatesville. Population, 50. Mail tri-weekly. J.T.Meek, post master Baird, J.C.l, physician Bean, E.A., real estate Fry, V., carpenter Garrett, R.B., carpenter & wagon maker Heiser, Rev. Meek, J. T., general store Moseley, E.A., county commissioner Rister, Rev. Rogers, R.S., grist mill Sanders, S.W., physician /seatm H, /w,m grust mill & gin Warren J. W., blacksmith PURMELA: 14 miles west of Gatesville. Population, 15. Mail, tri-weekly. Gray, Dr. T.P., drugs Hall & Son, general store & gin Ogden, Thomas, blacksmith RUTH: 9 1/2 miles south of Gatesville. Mail, semi-weekly. J.G.Laughlin, postmaster. Bradford, J.W., carpenter Brown, J.M. & Sons, grist mill & gin Carter and Laughlin, general store Chatham, N. M., general store Laughlin, J.G., justice McDonald, R.D., physician Reed, J. D., blacksmith & wheelwright Short, P.W., constable Smith, R.C., physician STRAW'S MILL: 4 1/2 miles south of Gatesville. Population 85. Mail semi weekly. G.W.Straw, post master Straw, G.W., general store Straw, H.F., flour mill SUGAR LOAF: 18 miles south of Gatesville and 8 1/2 north of Killeen. Population 39. Mail, tri-weekly. J.F.Clawson, post master Clawson, J. F., general store Shattuck, grist mill & gin THE GROVE: 19 miles se of Gatesville and 7 se of Leon Junction. Population 300. Mail daily. G.W.Taylor, post master Collins, W. J., physician Ender, C.A., blacksmith Graham, W.J., general store Jefcoot, J.D., blacksmith King, C.M., flour mill & gin Nubenhagan & Fikes, cotton gin Osmun, C.T., cotton gin Polinick, C.A., general store Rayburn, W. C., general store Short, P.C., constable Taylor, George W., general store Winkler, C.A., flour mill & gin TURNERSVILLE: 14 miles north of Gatesville. Population 250. Mail daily. S.E.Bates, post master Barnett, Wyatt, chair nmfr. Bates, Mrs. E.E., general store Cagle, J.S., blacksmith Calloway, J.P., physician Cox, J.M., justice Davis, H. N. general store Dean, Rev. J.T. (Baptist) Hobin, P.R., notary Layne, E. R., physician Mitchell, John, hotel, flour mill and gin Owen, J. W., flour mill and gin Snell, W.H., flour mill & gin Williams, W. B. & Co., drugs & groceries WHITSON: 21 miles from Gatesville and 5 from Moody. J.C.Holt, post master Holt, J. C., general store Lynn, J., cotton gin Whitson, M. & son, mill and gin

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