In an attempt to compile a list of those men who served from Coryell
County in the War between the States in the 1860's I discovered that
there are very few records that yield this information.  The nearest 
is a list of indigent dependents of soldiers named by a County Court 
session called Dec. 27th of 1864.

   The next records are applications for Civil War Pensions by people 
that are living in Coryell County.  This law provided pensions for 
disabled and indigent men, and widows of such men, who served in military 
of Confederate States of America. Eligible were natives of the state of 
Texas, or those who had come to Texas prior to January 1, 1880, who were 
either over 60 years of age or whose disability was the result of actual 
service in the Confederate Army or Navy for a period of at least 3 months
and had not deserted.  This law was not passed until 1899, and many people 
had moved into Coryell County in the years following the Civil War.  In 
comparing this list with the 1860 Coryell County Census, an asteriskk (*) 
following their name denotes those whose families appeared on the 1860 
census.  The same is used on Confederate Home Inmates and those whose
applications for pensions were rejected.

   The 1890 Special Schedule Census:  Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, 
Widows etc. was transcribed from microfilm and appeared in "Coryell Kin", 
Coryell County Genealogical Society's Quarterly Vol. VIII, Numbers 3 & 4, 
Fall & Winter 1990.  An asterisk (*) has again been used to denote those 
whose families appeared on the 1860 census.

   A Confederate Veteran reunion and encampment was held in Sardis, Coryell 
County TX in August of 1899.  A list of those in attendance was extracted 
from a newspaper article. A photograph on our Civil War page in this paper 
depicts a reunion held of Confederate Veterans around 1900.  The photograph 
shows these men on the Courthouse Steps.  Again an asterisk (*) has been 
used to denote those whose families appeared on the 1860 Coryell Co. census.

   Coryell County Court called session December 27, 1864, drew new list of 
indigent dependents of soldiers:

Serviceman:          Dependents:            Serviceman:          Dependents:

Overton Davenport         8                F.P. Miller                3
G. W. Jackson             4                Robert Jaroe               3
S. R. Baley               5                John B. Warren             1
Dan Busby                 4                M. C. Miller               1
Thomas Browning           2                William Minix              1
Alexander Beard           5                Samuel Coleman             4
Richard Baty              5                Joshua Conell              5
Joseph Draper             2                John Love                  3
William Brewer            1                W. C. Grimes               7
William Hartin            3                William Scudy              2
William Evetts            5                James M. Dutton            4
William A. Low            3                John Hobdy                 4
Phelix Collard            3                Washington Boyd            5
Harrison Brisco           5                Asa Johnson                4
Fransis Lefever           2                John Weldon                4
C. F. Oglesby             4                Stephen Oneal              3
David Blackwell           3                Martin Potter              2
Hansil McDonald           1                Elisha Kinsey              1
George Probst             3                J. B. Baker                7
William C. Hatton         5                Madison Kinsey             2
Andrew Rhea               1                S. Pearce                  4
John Q. Butler            6                A. Morris                  1
Zimariah Johnson          4                Jasper Greer               6
Jasper Blas               2                J. T. Lee                  3
Peter Young               2                W. S. Carter               6
E.Grigsby                 4                Ambrose Lee                1
William Johnson           3                M. Moser                   5
Thos. West                4                W. R. Evetts               3
Russell Ransom            3                Isaac Farmer               6
William Caeghson          1                Carden Jackson             4
Thomas Dansey             3                Warren Philips             7
Richard Culp              2                Elbert Johns               6
R. B. Ash                 4                John Williamson            7
Franklin Bun              7                John Darnell               4
Anthony Warren            1                Thomas Latham              7
Hillman Arrowood          2                J. T. McKinsey             6
William Caradine          4                Drury Potter               4
James Renfro              1                James Maning               6
Timothy Lee               5                John Graham                3
William Beard             1                Stephen Shelton            4
Robert Pinkerton          4                Hugh Evetts                1
Alferd Kerby              4                G. Hicks                   1
George Bible              3                John O'Keeth               3
W. K. Hall                3                James Chambers             3
William Miller            1                W. H. Logan                2                   
M. Tayler                 3                J. F. Scott                7
James Shelton             2                H. R. Scott                5
William Dodson            2                T. P. Standifer            2
R. F. Casey               4                J. C. Harris               4
M. V. Cummings            4                W. M. Jaroe                3
A. Wyatt Sen.             6                R. L. Haynes               3
A. Wyatt Jun.             3                J. K. Smalley              3
John Barnett              2                Dan Arrowood               6
Joseph Traller            2                William Slay               7
William Onstott           4                Joel Jackson               3
John M. Brown             4                W. H. Johnson              3
Joseph Henderson          7                T. B. Saunders             1
John Q. Powell            5                I. W. Miller               4
L. R. Love                2                D. C. Haley                1
B. W. Honeycut            4                Robert Newland             5
John Cummings             6                A. C. Grant                3
Henry Morrison            7                John Toliver               3
R. Caldwell               2                Robert Pollard             5
T. S. Alford              5                Thomas Scott               1
Joseph Culp               7                E. W. Franks               1
M. Boyd                   4                D. R. Woods                8
L. White                  8                C. P. Johnson              4
Sam Dyer                  2                S. H. Pealer               2
Thomas Walker             3                James Logan                3
W. E. Hardey              7                D. T. Logan                5  
E. J. Williamson          3                James Penington            3
James Payne               6                S. Young                   5
John H. Bone              4                John Johnson               1
M. W. Hampton             4                George Jackson             1
James Waling              2                ------McMinnas             7
Pat Galagar               4                John McMorris              2
Isam Large                1                M. Simpson                 3
M. M.Vay                  4                -------Hoglin              6
J. H. Crisman             7                -------Hogin               1
G. H. Sifford             4          The Hoglin above with 6 dependents was
T. D. Bone                3          actually Henry Hoghland who was enumerated
James Wilkerson           6          on the 1860 census as Henn.Hogdin.  He was
                                     captured during the war and died in a 
                                     Chicago Prison camp.  I have done work on
                                     this family.

Not all of the above families appear on the 1860 Coryell Co. census.

Copyright 2000-2005 by Bobbie Ross