Wise County Messanger

From Wise County Messanger September 28, 1894

Fought to a Finish.

GATESVILLE, Tex., Sept. 17. -- Saturday morning about 8 o’clock a street duel was fought with 38-caliber pistols between J.L. Goodman, editor of the People’s Voice, and B.Y. Armstrong, editor of the Gatesville Star, in which both gentlemen received shots which caused death almost instantly.  Goodman was shot in the left leg just above the ankle and through the heart.  Armstrong was shot in the right side just below the heart, the ball lodging in the left side just under the skin.  J.J. Beeman, a bystander, was shot in the back of the head, and while the wound is bad, it is not thought to be fatal.  The difficulty occurred over a newspaper controversy of some months duration between the two editors.  It is said that Armstrong fired the first shot, but it is almost impossible to get the straight of it.  Armstrong was a member of the local lodge of Odd Fellows and will be buried by that order.  Goodman carried a life insurance policy for $2000, and Beeman, the wounded man, a policy of $1000.  The combatants stood high in this city, both being prominent members of the church and both leaving families.


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