I feel that there is no necessity for an index to these records as the entries are alphabetized, however they are not indexed within the letters, so if you are looking for someone whose name starts with "A", you must look at all of the "A" entries. The Tax Assessor for Coryell County in 1884 was H. S. Perryman. Spelling is exactly as found in origional records, there is room for interpretation of some letters. If you are searching for an ancestor in these records remember to try all variations of the name, plus phonetic spellings.

Those items taxed in 1884 were land; City and Town lots; Carriages, Buggies, or Wagons; Manufactured items (tools, implements and machinery); Horses and Mules; Cattle; Jacks and Jennets; Sheep; Goats; Hogs; goods, Wares and Merchandise; money on hand; and Miscellaneous Property. I did not transcribe all of these, but the tax rate and abbreviations used are shown here:
Land is shown by Abstract #, Survey and acreage was rendered from $.50 to $10.00 an acre.
Under Other taxable:
Carriages, Buggies and wagons - rendered value varied from $5.00 to $100. shown by "C".

Manufactured items - tools, implements and machinery, not able to identify objects, shown by "m".

Horses and Mules were valued at $10. to $25. each, shown by "H".

Cattle were valued at about $10. a head, shown by "c".

Jacks and Jennets valued about $40. each, shown by "J".

Sheep valued about $1.25 to #2.50 each, shown by "s".

Goats valued about $ .50 to $1.00 each, shown by "g"

Hogs valued about $1.00 to $2.50 each, shown by "h".

Goods, Wares and Merchandise, usally reported by Mercantile Companies or businesses, shown by "M".

Thus, if someone is shown as:

Brown, J. H. 456 L. Brown 30 C,H,c,s,h

J. H. Brown owns 30 acres in the L. Brown survey, abstract #456 and also pays tax on at least one of the following, Carriages, Horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs.

Town lots are written as given, lot and block # and township.

In 1884 all males over voting age were required to pay a poll tax. I have not listed it separately, Mr. Perryman listed first landowners, then those with other taxables, the remainder paid poll only. Women were not allowed to vote, in some cases where property was owned by widows, there would be a notation in pencil, "poll not paid".

Owner Abstract-# Survey Acres Other-Taxables
Arrowood,Mrs.D.E. 711 T.Merrill 186
Arrowood,Mrs.D.E. 698 E.Marshall 97 1/2
Arrowood,Mrs.D.E. 782 E.Norton 20
Arrowood,Mrs.D.E. 680 V.Mendez 70
Arrowood,Mrs.D.E. 8 A.Arocha 157 C, M, H, c, s, h
Arrowood,Hillman 8 A.Arocha 71 C, H, c, h
Arrowood,George.W. 175 M Cryer 230
Arrowood,George.W. 809 C.J.Oglesby 83
Arrowood,George.W. 735 A.G.Moore 80
Arrowood,George.W. 600 V.Mendez 38
Arrowood,George.W. 673 F.E.Lefevre 6 C, H, c, h
Arrowood,M.C. 649 J.Leehin 150
Arrowood,M.C. 945 E. Shelby 15 1/2
Arrowood,M.C. 378 H.G.Fellers 53 1/3
Arrowood,M.C. 882 N.Robinson 7 C, H, c
Alsup,J.F. 693 B.McClure 4 1/2 H, c, h
Allen, A. 680 V. Mendez 154 C, H, c, h
Atkinson, S. 226 B. D. Culp 130
Atkinson, S. 8 A. Arocha 25 C, H, c
Auten, R. S. 1174 D. W. Reeves 40 H, c
Auten, J. L. B. 1242 J. D. Smith 160 C
Ayers, W. L. Lot 8, block 1 LA Gatesville
Atkins, W. A 150 C. Cazanoba 2
Adams, C. A. 150 C. Cazanoba 3
Allen, W. G. Lots: 13 & 1/2 of 16, Block 1 LA City of Gatesville
Allen, Mrs. M. J. Lots: Block 10 Gatesville
Allen, Mrs. M. J. Lot 2, Block1 Gatesville c
Allen, Mrs. V. A. 650 W. H. Lester 320
Allen, Mrs. V. A. Lot 2, Block 11 LA Gatesville
Armstrong, J. B. Lot 1, Block 10 LA Gatesville
Armstrong & Lynn 150 C.Cazanoba 1
Atkinson, H. N. 150 C. Cazanoba 15
Atkinson, H. N. 150 C. Cazanoba 15
Atkinson, H. N. 1/2 of Lot 8, Block 7 City of Gatesville
Atkinson, H. N. 418 D.Gallagher 1000
Atkinson, H. N. Lot 12, Block 7 Gatesville C, c, h
Allen, Mrs. Electra 149 A. Cazanoba 520 H, c
(torn), Mrs. Ellen 149 A. Cazanoba 25
(torn), Mrs. Ellen 8 A. Arocha 40
(torn), J. A. 295 W. A. Dyer 160 H
(torn)th, Miss A. Lots 1,3,4,5 & 4/5 of lot 2 Gatesville
(torn), Sam Lot 1 Gatesville C, H, c
(torn), J. K. 413 R.Graham 165
(torn), J. K. 654 J.P.Lynch 40 C, H, c3
(torn) 474 H.Higgins 50 C,H,c,s,h
(torn) 690 B.McDaniel 86 H,c,h
Adams, E. 976 160
Adams E, 690 B. McDaniel 38 C,J,c,K,h
Anderson, H.C. 1213 W. H.Gossett 160 C, H
Allen, J.G. unknown S.T.Miller 160 C,H,c,h
Arnold,J.G.B. 626 T.Kinsey 160 C,H,c,h
Allen, W. 1132 M.A.Willhite 120 H,c
Altum, N.F. 173 W.Cooney 200
Alexander, H.B. 873 J.Ridgeway 58 1/2 C,H,c,s
Arnold,W.F. 37 W.F.Arnold 157 C,m,H,c
Allen,J.L. 358 C.Freeland 80 H,c
Allbritton,J.I. 1303 M.A.Bolden 160 C,H
Anderson,L.B. 1269 L.B.Anderson 160 C,H,c
Autrey,C. 375 WmFisher 100
Autrey,C. 1016 .Turney 113 H,c,h
Andrews,B.A. 990 W.M.Shultz 80 C,H,c,h
Ashby,H.D. 469 R.D.Heck 75 C,h,c
Alexander,G. 635 C.Lajoice 72 1/2 C,H,c,h
Allan,Ethan 1090 S.Wilson 100 C,H,c,h
Allan,Ethan 591 T.Kelly 51
Armstrong,I.T. 637 M.W.Loving 32 1/2 C,h,c,
Armstrong,I.T. 814 D.Pinkerton 2 1/2 C, H. c
Armstrong, Mrs. S.P. 305 M.Delaney 160 H,c
Armstrong, W.M. 1104 R.M.Williamson 18
Armstrong, W.M. 318 Sam'l Evetts 74
Armstrong, W.M. 498 Joel Heth 90 C,H,c
Armstrong, John 285 J.Deltz 320
Armstrong,John 28 J.Armstrong 80
Armstrong,John 854 M.Rohus 100 C,H,c
Adams,David 867 A.S.Roberts 162
Adams, David 275 S.Draper
Adams, David 83 J.M.Hickox 11
Adams, David 76 J.W.Benedict 25 C,H,c
Ater,S.A. 1028 J.Timmons 107
Ater,S.A. 1189 C.Cruse 340 C,H,c,h
Arrington, H.C. ,c
Andrews, R.F. H
Andrews, J. H. H
Arney, J. M. H
Ashley, J.R. H
Ashley, J.R. C,H,c
Arrowood,W.D. H
Arrowood, S.H. C,H,c,h
Arrowood, A.D. H
Adkins, G.B. C,H,h
Ashley,A.J. H,h
Archey,D.T. C,H,c
Archey,W.A. H
Ashby, J.E. C,H
Adams, R. H,c,h
Astin, G.B. C,H,c
Atkinson & Crawford C,H,s,g
Allen, Mrs. C. H,c
Alexander, W. Agent H,c
Abbott, J.f. H
Abbott, C.C. C,H,c
Allen, J.W. C,H,c
Anderson, A.H. C,H,c
Alexander, Paul C,H,c,h
Allen, Bob C,H,c,h
Ament, A.G. C,H,c,h
Alexander,W.A. H
Ashcroft, S.A. C,H,c
Allen, Gilmer & Co. m
Ashley, T.J. H
Allen, M.I. H
Armstrong, J.F. C,c
Ater, J. H,c,h
Anderson, J.T. C,H,h
Anderson, R.A. C,H,c,h
Auvshine, John C,H,h
Anglin, R.M. H,c,h
Auvshine, R. H,c

  • Akin, E.T.
  • Allen, H.H.
  • Allen, T.E.
  • Ashby, B.B.
  • Abbott, J. W.
  • Archey, Albert
  • Andrews, S. A.
  • Anderson, P.T.
  • Allen, G.L.
  • Argo, F. L.
  • Ashby, S. E.
  • Ash, Frank

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